Jasmine Stine

“Spaces should allow any one at any time to play, dream and let go.” Jasmine believes architecture and design is about being smart before being beautiful.  She received her Master’s degree with honors at L’École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris.

Jasmine worked with a number of nationally renown architects in France whose projects included several French landmarks.  To balance her knowledge of design and structure, she later joined an engineering firm that also engaged in significant institutional projects.  As a project manager, Jasmine conducted with the award-winning architect the delicate rehabilitation of the palace’s 18th-century hospital into a modern Court of Appeal for the Ministry of Justice.

Exploring the subtleties of light and form in spaces, with the sun and sand as a natural backdrop, Jasmine moved to Miami Beach in 2008.  She worked with an internationally award-winning agency and further refined her sense of simplicity and the lyrical connection between man and nature, before partnering with Morr to found itsuv.